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What if I can? What if the ass I want can only be achieved through a leisurely sitting routine?
Why would you assume that everyone wants the same kind of ass? 
This is one problem with fitness culture: People talk as though you don’t have a choice. You’re simply told “This is what you want and this is how you get it.” You’re not even given the option to make the decision for yourself. Instead, one single body shape is promoted as the ideal that everyone obviously is working towards. 
But this isn’t acceptable. We’re all individuals who have different bodies, different abilities and different goals. We need to promote a fitness community that actively embraces that. Stop defining another person’s desires for them: Don’t just assume that you know what they want. 

To be fair, nobody should take pride in neglecting ya glutes.Every good fitness routine should work out all major muscle groups, including your quads and glutes, obviously. Remember all the images of the guys who “clearly skipped leg day lol”; it’ll be like that only you’ll have monstrous cardio legs and a flat butt.Let us approach fitness as whole body wellness, inside and out, without neglect to a single part.

There’s nothing wrong with skipping leg day, if that’s what you want to do. There’s nothing wrong with having a flat butt, if you’re happy like that. There’s nothing wrong with designing your workout routine to fit your own personal preferences instead of letting another person decide for you. This isn’t a matter of “neglecting” a body part, it a matter of deciding what you want out of your body, how you want to go about your day, and what personally makes you happiest. 
Those “He skipped leg day” jokes aren’t funny. All they’re doing is looking at a person, deciding that his body isn’t conventionally “fit” or attractive, and mocking him for it. Body shaming like that isn’t acceptable - It’s one symptom of this overall “We’re deciding what you want” aspect of fitness culture. 
Remember that it’s entirely possible to approach fitness as whole body wellness without defining another person’s goals, desires and abilities for them. You cannot have self-satisfaction and personal happiness if you never allow an individual to define their own goals.